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Born in 1978 in Asunción, Paraguay, Cacho has been active as an artist in New York City since permanently relocating in 2002. Cacho started showing his work on denim and t-shirts, something he has been doing since 1998, which caught the eyes of the fashion industry. He has collaborated with iconic companies such as Guess and Beanpole and his work has been published in magazines from Elle to GQ.

Cacho made the decision to transition out of the fashion industry to focus on telling his life stories by drawing and painting on canvas. Many reacted positively to his new style of self expression and in recent years has once again switched up the medium to painting on the actual individual while sharing their personal tales.

He is currently working on bringing his ‘body paint’ series to the masses and is looking to produce a live exhibition/art show in downtown Manhattan. His mission is to help others tell their stories in a very one-of-a kind, unique environment. Hop on the video tab for a glimpse into the exclusive world of Cacho’s creation.